Why Do it Best

Why Do it Best
Do it Best

Join the Only Co-op Focused on Your Success—Not Our Success.

Impressive buying power

Our buying power gives your business access to the products, programs, and vendors you need to compete and win in your local market.

When you partner with Do it Best, you add USD$5 billion in buying power to your business.

Expansive vendor community

Do it Best delivers strong relationships with 5,000+ vendors who help your business grow by giving you access to the best programs and products.

Sourcing is an integral part of your business’ success, but developing unique programs and relationships with so many vendors would take a huge investment of time and resources. With Do it Best as your sourcing partner, you immediately add thousands of vendors to your purchasing department. We are constantly adding new vendors to help our international affiliates become the premier retailers in their market.

Profitable buying markets

At our exclusive semi-annual buying markets, you can visit and place orders with over 1,500 vendors.

You’ll find the best deals of the year from our top vendors at every market. All our specials are available weeks before every market to help you better plan; you can even place orders online before the market to save time! With more than $100 million in member purchases at every market, you’ll always find new products, great buying opportunities, and extended dating.

Excellence in distribution

Do it Best ensures you have the products you need in your store.

Our distribution centers stock 65,000+ items with an industry-leading fill rate of 97%. All these items are available through our exclusive website, where you can build your order online with ease. Orders are typically delivered to your freight forwarder of choice within 48 hours. With tens of thousands of items available from one source, you can use our warehouses as your own and lower your inventory levels.

“The advantages of ordering through Do it Best warehouses are numerous. We quickly realized that by utilizing warehouse purchasing, we were able to reduce our own inventory by 60%. It has also made it easier to add new items to the store. Instead of having to order a pallet, we can order from the 70,000 products in quantities of one or two.”

Abe Steinbok
Do it Best​® Home Centre